Growing up on the west coast of Canada we have a deep appreciation for the bounty that mother nature provides. Established in 1986, in the Student Union Building at UBC, au Natural Surf Company was formed to gain access to the many surf breaks off the west shores of Vancouver Island. Initially a surf tour company, we have been travelling to Tofino to enjoy the world class surf for over 30 years.

Today, we are committed to building and riding quality wooden surfboards from sustainable wood products while reducing our foot print on our planet. We use local wood products and recycled timbers to reduce waste as much as possible.

DCIM100GOPROAu natural surfboards are hollow-core with a super strong internal structure. A computer generated design and CNC produces ensures the internal support structure will withstand the pressure from the most challenging breaks! Our wooded boards are similar in weight to your typical foam boards, but they are way more pleasing to surf.  We design our wooden surfboard to last a life time, and because the natural wood is so beautiful, they can also be used as a featured piece of art hanging on your wall. Our boards are inspired by our ever changing environment and magical setting in the North Shore of Vancouver, BC. We are constantly experimenting with different shapes and sizes, wood types and fin setup to meet your requirements when on the water.

We offer you the ability to buy or build your own piece of natural art that is a beast in the surf. Check out the rest of the site for more details…we love hear from you, so drop us a line leave us a comment on our contact page. Check out the au natural website for Long Beach trial days where you can test drive one of our boards and see for yourself!