Au Natural Surfboards

There are many different types and shapes of surfboards, and your own standard/ability and style of surfing will determine what board you should ride. Here we offer a brief description of board dimensions, the types and shapes, the rocker, fins and tails, and what’s best for DIY looking to build their own au natural wooden surfboard.

Dimensions of a surfboard…

The length, width and depth of your board greatly affects its or the surfers performance in the water. Au natural surfboards are made of cedar strips on a hollow frame which are then coated in fibreglass, making them light and strong.

Length. The length of the surfboard is very important. The longer the board the easier it is to paddle and to stand up on as it will feel more stable under the surfer’s feet. Insert “men of girth” comment here.

Width. The width of the surfboard affects how stable the board is and its ease of control. As with the length, the wider the board, the more stability the board will have.

Depth. The depth or thickness of the board determines how well it floats. The greater the floatation is, the smoother the ride on the wave when stood up and the easier it is to paddle. And so simple physics will tell you the heavier the surfer, the thicker the board should ideally be.

So here is what we have in stock…

Nothing! Nada! Nitchs! Rien!

All sold at the moment. But we are busy building three 10’6″ SUP beauties and an 6’6″ thruster! Come back in June and we will tell you all about them. Alternatively, you could buy a kit and build your own.