DIY wooden surfboard

How to build your own surfboard!

When you live in Vancouver, BC it takes a very committed person to become a good surfer. The journey to Tofino requires a ferry and a drive across the island. I am only able to get across to take in the surf 3 or 4 times a year. Life seems to get in the way. But when I go it is usually with good friends and it is always memorable. I consider myself as a bit of a “kook”, but I get a little better each time I go. One thing that never diminishes is my love and respect for the sport of surfing. Every time without fail I am awestruck at the natural beauty of the sport and the great outdoors of the west coast of Vancouver Island.

For many years, I have had old fiber glass long board, and while I do appreciate the finer things in life, and I have never really felt there was a need to invest in a new board. Then I discover a wooden surfboard kits from a local surf website Au Natural Surf Company. It offers a reasonably priced kit to build the most beautiful, cedar strip surfboard I have ever seen. It was love at first sight – I needed to do this. The big question is do I hang it on the wall or take it in the surf!

The North Shore Wood Carving surfboard kit:

There are many ways to build a hollow wooden board and I choose to use a wooden surfboard kit purchased from the Au Natural Surf Company.

The kit uses 4mm or 6mm marine plywood as the frame, depending on the design. The surfboard is brought to life in Rhino 3D, a commercial 3D computer graphics and computer-aided design application software, and then cut on a precision CNC cutting machine.

The internal frame is made up of a spine and a number of ribs when join looks kind of like an airplane wings. This is the frame to which cedar strips are glued to, to complete the wood construction phase of the project.

Welcome to Au Natural Surf Company

If you have ever had the chance to build and ride your own surfboardBeauty is in the eye Au Natural surfboards are After decades of surfing on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, we decided to say screw it! We can build our own wooden surfboards. They are a thing a beauty and a pleasure to ride!

After decades of slogging through the corporate world working for the man, we decided to say screw it! We are going to launch our own surf company! It is going to be a thing a beauty and a pleasure to ride!